The Shower was a wonderful Success!

Jasmin is due at the end of March or perhaps early April.

The gender of Baby is a mystery ... only God knows right now ... We'll know when baby is born! We're so thankful to Him for this wonderful gift of life!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Shower Gift Suggestion - Contribution to Lay-away Item

Here's where you can choose to contribute to an item that Jasmin has put on lay-away.

Simply go to the store at the address shown below and ask for Jasmin Hermann's lay-away order.
Lay-Away at:

147 Main Street West, North Bay
(705) 474-9696

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  1. Well ... I think that perhaps If I had been perambulated in such a fine stroller when I was a child perhaps I'd be driving a lamborghini now? :o)